Popular Credit Cards by American Express

When choosing a credit card, we always look for the best offers possible. All of us want something cheap, but very efficient. We’re looking for cards, which can help us not only to spend but also to save money. We want free bonuses, cashback services, options which are going to grow our business, collect miles while travelling, and so on. Is it even real?

Today, we’re going to look what does it mean working with American Express and why it may be beneficial for our budget if we’re using the right card by the company. So, if you’re one of those who refuse to accept payment by credit cards or you don’t see the reason to have one at all, our article will prove you’re wrong. Probably, you have the wrong card too. So, we’ve prepared a short guide to American Express most popular credit cards, trying to understand what for people prefer them over others.

So, let’s get started.

5 Popular Cards by American Express

If you have always looked for a good credit card but couldn’t decide which one to choose because of the extensive choice., we’re going to help you to fix this problem right now. The following list consists of 5 most popular credit cards by one of the biggest financial services in the US – American Express. We’ve also included the main reasons why exactly these cards are so preferred by the customers.

  • American Express EveryDay Credit Card is the first one on our list. It is a no annual fee card, which collects American Express Membership Rewards points and offers a high rate of earnings on groceries (up to 5.000$/year). It is quite a simple offer if compared to other cards, which we’re going to talk about a little bit later. It doesn’t have any fancy, exclusive offers for travelling or dining. This one is suitable exactly for those people, we’ve mentioned earlier – someone who is only getting into credit cards and is going to upgrade it later;
  • American Express Blue Cash Preferred is an everyday offer with cash back bonuses on groceries, department stores, and gas stations. The card has the annual fee of 95$. So, definitely do some math to calculate whether you’re spending a lot for groceries to know whether this offer makes sense for you;
  • American Express Gold Delta is a travel credit card with no annual fee for the first 12 months but with over 30.000 bonus miles. The great news is that the card doesn’t have foreign transaction fees, which makes it easier to use somewhere abroad;
  • American Express Starwood Preferred Guest is another travelling card for SPG hotels and resorts with no annual fee for the first 12 months and special free night points in one of the hotels;
  • American Express Platinum is one of the most prestigious offers by the company. Whether you need this card or not depends on your travel habits and expenses. This offer is not a free one. The annual fee will cost you over 500$. But you will definitely get some great perks for that money – the best variety of lounges in the airports, priority pass, airline free credits, Membership Rewards points, almost 200$ in Uber credits, and so on.

And which AMEX card is your favorite? What would you like to try?

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  1. Good review. There are a lot of different credit cards in the world, that sometimes you do not even know what to choose.

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