Credit Cards for Online Shopping

Shopping online either with a plastic credit card, and Leadsgate affiliate program or with a virtual one is really the best option in the modern world. It is quick and convenient.

Boost Your Chances

The best instrument for online payment is a credit card with a low limit and advanced options for online shopping. Let’s consider what features to pay attention to while choosing a credit card for an online shopping of your dream.

  • Earning while spending. A good rewards system of your credit card will help you to earn points while buying. They can be used for cashback, travel rewards and bonus or discount programs from online stores.
  • Zero or very low currency conversion fees. Such a card with zero or low fees  for currency conversion will envisage significant savings in the course of purchasing from foreign retailers.
  • High protection and worldwide acceptance. If your  card was issued  under such global provider as Visa or MasterCard, you are welcome to purchases globally. These two market giants are famous for  extra security, f. e Verified by Visa and  MasterCard Protection. Therefore your shopping online will be very safe.
  • Choose a reputable and trusted bank.

Based on these criteria, we do recommend you the following credit cards for shopping in the worldwide net:

  1. Bankwest Zero Platinum MasterCard. Superb for a thrifty person: zero annual fee, complimentary international travel insurance. A special low transfer rate of entry balance for  frequent travellers and zero foreign transaction fees are major pleasant bonuses to enjoy while shopping in the Internet.
  2. HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card. Just think about  60,000 Qantas Points bonus. What a great opportunity! It turns out that you get 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on purchases made in the US and overseas Internet shops. There are also additional benefits for “platinum clients”, including travel insurance, prolonged warranty cover and special insurance to  protect purchases.
  3. Citi Signature Rewards Credit Card. Transfer your shopping experience into points and increase your balance due to bonus points! You may enjoy $3,000 to spend within the first 90 days of approval and to receive 120,000 Points in bonus reward. A number of shopping certificates or gift cards are envisaged for you by Citi Rewards program.
  4. 28 Degrees Platinum MasterCard. No fee on purchases in overseas Internet stores is a really lucrative offer. With this very card a client may save money while purchasing overseas and at home. No conversion fee for international currency and zero annual fee – just amazing!  Additional benefit is about 55 days interest-free period.

Why Never Pay with a Debit Card:

  • Firstly, the hunters for personal data can withdraw a large amount from your check or savings account. To get money back on a debit card is much more complicated than for a credit card.
  • Secondly, the expiration date of credit cards ends significantly faster than of debit cards. This is an additional level of protection from scammers.
  • Thirdly, debit cards do not give advantages during shopping. You do not accumulate bonus points and receive no additional discounts.

These tips, hopefully, will help you shop online enjoying the benefits provided by the bank.

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