Five Interesting Credit Cards Stories

There are a lot of very interested stories connected with credit cards. Here five briefs on this subject:

  • Alex came to Chicago from Moldova by a tourist visa 8 months ago and filed for a political asylum. A week after his arrival, he opened a deposit account with the Bank of America providing a foreign passport and a rental contract in the US. In a month bank invited him to open a secured credit card. Alex put $ 300 on this plastic as refundable deposit. “It is profitable for me and the bank: I started to form a credit history event without a social security number. And the bank does not lose anything. This is a win-win strategy”, he claims. He wisely used a credit line, and After 8 months, his credit rating rose to 769 points out of 850 possible.
  • Olga came to the United States from Ukraine with a work visa 2.5 years ago. Now she lives in San Francisco. “All my acquaintances advised to open an account and a credit card in the bank of Capital One  to increase the credit rating”. Olga applied online and immediately got a secure credit card for $ 800 with her personal money. In a half of a year she online applied for a standard credit card. “It’s very convenient to decide plastic issues with the bank via Internet”, says Olga who is very busy with two jobs.

  • Andrew came to the United States from Russia with a Green card. When he just moved to America, he did not have extra money to open a deposit in the bank. Therefore, Andrew began to build his credit history in a different way. “I opened several credit cards for purchases in specific places – at a BP gas station, at the Walmart store. For this, it was necessary to have only the social security number (SSN). I replenished all my credit cards on time. My credit account began to grow. After 6-7 months, different banks already sent me letters with proposals to open a credit card from them”, he says.
  • Paul from Arizona uses each of his three credit cards in his own way: one plastic for purchases in supermarkets, the second one for online shopping, the third plastic – to pay for restaurants. “I’ve been actively using all my cards for a year. “This is very convenient. I always have money for my needs”, says Paul.
  • Lily from Los-Angeles is very well-off woman who enjoys travelling. She can afford herself only the best airlines, resort and restaurants. However, she decided to learn if there are any perks for her. Her financial consultant advised her to open a credit card with benefits for travelers. With this plastic she accumulated bonuses for discounts on airline tickets and free champagne in lounge zone. To her surprise, she even got a free night in a luxury Florida hotel from while paying by this plastic.

Credit cards are tools beneficial for both the bank and the client. Therefore, it is a good idea to use those and get additional bonuses and pleasant surprises.

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