Why Credit Cards are Better to Use Than Cash

The world of today is uniques. People move a lot, they purchase goods and services from abroad. This would hardly be possible if credit cards do not exist. Modern people appreciate credit plastics for many reasons.

The major reason why plastics started to substitute cash is that non-cash payments are in fact more secure and fast. It is also more convenient to pay by card. On top, many plastics offer additional rewards to the clients.

What benefits credit card usage brings

When the client uses the cash he only gets the product or service. When the person pays for the same product or service by plastic he can get:

  • Cash back for the majority of purchases. The cash back can be as high as 3 percent per purchase.
  • Discounts. The majority of banks entered into agreements with the shopping malls. When the client buys the good at such shops he can get quite a generous discount.
  • Bonus airlines. This type of bonuses is one the most attractive ones the client can get. When the person spends a certain amount on credit cards he can be given bonus airmiles. When enough miles get cumulated the client can pay by them for the airline ticket. That helps to economize a lot.
  • Free transaction fee. When the person goes abroad he can’t bring too much money in cash. There are some types of credit plastics that charge no fee when the client pays abroad with plastic.

Naturally, not all plastics offer all the benefits. Usually, the cards offer two – three different types of rewards. Even this is truly beneficial.

Above-mentioned bonuses are only one of those the clients can get if they use the plastics. On top, credit money is always good to have. That is additional financing that can be necessary to buy important goods and services.

The present and the future of cash payments

Cash payment little by little loses its popularity. Most probably, possibility to pay cash will always be available to clients, but they still will prefer non-cash payments.

Paying by  credit card enables the client to:

  • economize time;
  • get attractive bonuses;
  • apply for big loans.

So, it is no surprise people struggle to get credit plastics and to gain high credit score. Good financial reputation enables people to apply for a big loan. Additional financing, therefore, enables to fulfill personal needs or to develop successful business enterprises.

People live in a credit economy. It is based on non-cash transactions. That is why banks produce new attractive bank plastics. Even today there are many types of them. New ones will appear on the market very soon.

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